yaay! thanks poppytalk.

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this morning brought me another nice write-up about Morris & Essex on the design blog poppytalk! poppytalk is a fun blog, I love her current series of interviews about collections and collecting. the pictures below are from the collections of … Continued


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this is part of an installation by artist Jamie Shovlin. I love it.

el medio es el mensaje?

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hoy estaba pensando que todas cosas son por lo menos diez veces mas interesante en otra idioma. antes del año pasado, solamente tenia una idioma, y solamente podia pensar en una idioma. a veces pensé que mi vida faltaba algo, … Continued

i want dinosaurs.

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My spanish is getting better every day, thanks in part to listening to the radio all day when I’m working alone at the studio. I love the commercials because they’re short, succinct, and repeated endlessly, the better to understand them. … Continued


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I really loved coming across each one of these artists on the internet and I love them even better when I look at them next to each other. As far as I know, the two artists are totally unrelated but … Continued


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On Monday at noontime, we had Zviah put to sleep. We just found out this weekend that she had cancer, and she must have been sick for a while, though she only appeared to be suffering the last few days. … Continued

oooh! pretty.

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I just fell in love with these beautiful patterns from a danish textile company called kragh rosenberg. I love all the purple and blue and white, and the tiny dots, and i love the Bargello-looking zigzag pillow pattern. I found … Continued


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mike was just showing me all these pictures. his friends work here, at this farm in Germantown, NY. it looks so nice it just about made me want to cry from missing farm life and vegetables and gardens and green. … Continued

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