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| 0 This is pretty old news, but I keep coming across mentions of this guy everywhere. A couple of weeks ago I heard him on the Brian Lehrer show and read a big feature about him in the New York … Continued

protest and desaparecidos

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March 24th is a public holiday in Argentina, the Day of Memory for Truth and Justice. It is a day of protest in Buenos Aires to remember the “desaparecidos,” 30,000 people who were “disappeared” during the military dictatorships in Argentina … Continued


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I finished making all my t-shirt samples and I am so excited for my new orange tank-top and I have been wearing it every day. It’s starting to turn to Fall here and I am also excited for Fall because … Continued


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Today it’s four years since the beginning of the war. I remember before it started we all talked so much about trying to stop it from happening. We talked about how wrong war is, in the most abstract way. We … Continued


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Some albums me and the pups have been singing along to.Old favorites and new ones. sally shapiro. disco romancecansei de ser sexy. CSS death from above 1979. you’re a woman, i’m a machinethe presets. beams lansing dreiden. the dividing island … Continued


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despues de varios semanas locas, cuando yo trabajaba mucho en diseñas para remiras, yo tengo una semana de paz y tranquilidad y este semana cuezo galletitas! es mucho trabajo a traducir la receta a metrica mientras estoy cocinando. despues, traduzco … Continued

Spanish podcast

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Murga dancing, CarnavalOriginally uploaded by elizajanecurtis Here is a podcast to help learn Argentinian Spanish. Translated from the website, “The idea of the Podcast is to allow everyone who’s interested, to learn the vocabulary and most common expressions of Argentina. … Continued


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Colonia, UruguayOriginally uploaded by elizajanecurtis On Saturday we took a boat to Uruguay. The day-trip across the river renews our tourist visas for another three months! I didn’t realize we should have reserved our tickets at least a week ahead … Continued


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new red bike!Originally uploaded by elizajanecurtis I got a new bike!!! I thought I would get a used road bike but I couldn’t find one single used bike for sale, nor any road bikes! They only make cruisers here I … Continued

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