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Last night we went to see Milton Nascimento play at teatro Gran Rex and we had really nice tickets close to the stage and it was amazing and awesome. He just opened my mind up and blew it away. His … Continued

dancing girls (updated!)

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I was thinking about a job I used to have, where I sat in a carpeted cubicle, in a fluorescent lit-hallway, in a tall office building in midtown. My job was mind-numbing stuff like counting things and opening envelopes. The … Continued

Caetano Veloso

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for my birthday mike got us tickets to go see caetano veloso! he put on a great show. lots of enthusiasm all around, and beautiful music. what a voice.i took a video but it came out pretty awful. i like … Continued

And while I’m at it

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this is my new favorite thing to look at. a blog by a designer named Abby Clawson Low. i also really like her design work. i love the visual balance of white and colors on this blog, and i love … Continued

design admiration

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i forget how i came across this stuff on the internet, but i really like this picture, and here are some cute elephants too. both designed by Angel D’Amico who also has nice prints and shirts available for sale at … Continued

Summer Break in Maine

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I left New York and drove north to Maine to stay at my parents’ house and see my family and help out with the many wedding preparations. Amy sewed her own amazing dress and I helped her sew silk tulle … Continued

Summer Break in New York

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Coney Island I haven’t posted in a long time because I was busy traveling to los Estados Unidos for a summer break. I made the trip because my sister Amy was getting married to George! It was my first trip … Continued


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I just watched a new Argentinian movie called XXY. It’s a very tender story is about Alex, who is 15 years old and who is both sort of male and sort of female, learning her (his) own sexuality, struggling with … Continued

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