mauricio macri

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Macri Buenos Aires just voted for a new governor and the winner is Mauricio Macri, who is currently president of the city’s famous Boca football club and represents Buenos Aires in the Lower House of the Argentine Congress. Yesterday was … Continued


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old treeOriginally uploaded by elizajanecurtisthis is awesome. it’s at the Museo de Bellas Artes, in the pre-columbian room. I’m sorry I can’t remember any more info about it.

Juana Molina, Nuevos Aires

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Juana Molina, Nuevos AiresOriginally uploaded by elizajanecurtis we went to see Juana Molina as part of the Nuevos Aires folk festival at La Trastienda in San Telmo. It was a crazy journey trying to get there (see taxistas post below) … Continued

taxistas huelga

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HuelgaOriginally uploaded by elizajanecurtis we tried to take a taxi to the Juana Molina show on Friday night and ended up in a crazy huge traffic jam approaching Avenida 9 de Julio. After a half-hour sitting around listening to honking … Continued


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this is my favorite ad here which is always on the TV and always playing on the TVs in the subway stations while you wait for the train. I am not sick of it yet because it’s kind of awesome. … Continued

sauces of Buenos Aires

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Aderezos I thought i would be writing more in this blog about design and art and projects and creativity, but it turns out I am too obsessed with food. Hopefully I’ll make more entries about visual things in the near … Continued

tango terror

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On Thursday my friend Lili convinced me to go out to La Viruta for some tango dancing. Everyone here is obsessed with Tango! At La Viruta, for $8 pesos, they have group lessons for all levels from beginner to expert, … Continued

Buenos Aires Spanish Program

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Spanish ClassOriginally uploaded by elizajanecurtis Los dos semanas pasadas, asistí una escuela en Congreso para aprender Español. Me gusta mucho, y quiero sugerir a todos quien quieren aprender castellano en Buenos Aires. I am feeling really excited about how much … Continued


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Estancia Santa RitaOriginally uploaded by elizajanecurtis Emily came to visit and we did lots of fun and exciting things like eating steak, and eating ice cream, and eating Peruvian ceviche, and eating facturas, and eating empanadas, and looking at lots … Continued

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