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route 7Originally uploaded by elizajanecurtis We’ve had lots and lots of visitors and travels lately. First, Drew and Stacey came to visit and we took a trip West across Argentina, to Mendoza and the Andes. We rode an overnight bus … Continued

MOTHRA larva

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I don’t know what this thing is but it crawled under the door of my studio and it was kind of cool but I think it wanted to eat me. I calmly removed it to the other side of the … Continued

Tom Yum or Cahn Chua Ca (sort of)

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tasty soupOriginally uploaded by elizajanecurtis I’ve fallen in love with the tiny Chinatown of Buenos Aires, which is about 3 blocks in Belgrano next to the train station, on Arribeños and Mendoza. Most stores in Buenos Aires have a limited … Continued

no impact

| 0 This is pretty old news, but I keep coming across mentions of this guy everywhere. A couple of weeks ago I heard him on the Brian Lehrer show and read a big feature about him in the New York … Continued

protest and desaparecidos

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March 24th is a public holiday in Argentina, the Day of Memory for Truth and Justice. It is a day of protest in Buenos Aires to remember the “desaparecidos,” 30,000 people who were “disappeared” during the military dictatorships in Argentina … Continued


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I finished making all my t-shirt samples and I am so excited for my new orange tank-top and I have been wearing it every day. It’s starting to turn to Fall here and I am also excited for Fall because … Continued


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Today it’s four years since the beginning of the war. I remember before it started we all talked so much about trying to stop it from happening. We talked about how wrong war is, in the most abstract way. We … Continued


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Some albums me and the pups have been singing along to.Old favorites and new ones. sally shapiro. disco romancecansei de ser sexy. CSS death from above 1979. you’re a woman, i’m a machinethe presets. beams lansing dreiden. the dividing island … Continued


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despues de varios semanas locas, cuando yo trabajaba mucho en diseñas para remiras, yo tengo una semana de paz y tranquilidad y este semana cuezo galletitas! es mucho trabajo a traducir la receta a metrica mientras estoy cocinando. despues, traduzco … Continued

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