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Murga dancing, CarnavalOriginally uploaded by elizajanecurtis Here is a podcast to help learn Argentinian Spanish. Translated from the website, “The idea of the Podcast is to allow everyone who’s interested, to learn the vocabulary and most common expressions of Argentina. … Continued


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Colonia, UruguayOriginally uploaded by elizajanecurtis On Saturday we took a boat to Uruguay. The day-trip across the river renews our tourist visas for another three months! I didn’t realize we should have reserved our tickets at least a week ahead … Continued


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new red bike!Originally uploaded by elizajanecurtis I got a new bike!!! I thought I would get a used road bike but I couldn’t find one single used bike for sale, nor any road bikes! They only make cruisers here I … Continued


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We made a reservation to try out something new for dinner. Casa Salt Shaker is a “restaurante de puertas cerradas,” a dinner party hosted by a chef in his home. Each night has a different theme; we are signed up … Continued


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Milton the Magical Flying TigerOriginally uploaded by elizajanecurtis This is old news but I was just reminded that it’s something cool I want to share. In October I worked on a really fun project, constructing a very special hand puppet, … Continued


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my favorite word of the day: POPCHOCLO! = misuse of english: a billiard parlor named “NEW MOUSTACHE”Somebody recently recommended the Coffee Break Spanish podcast and I love it! It’s like those learn-spanish-while-you-drive language cassettes, but it’s funner and it’s … Continued

the strange and the familiar

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MilanesaOriginally uploaded by elizajanecurtis En Argentina, hay algunas cosas diferente de los Estados Unidos. It’s pretty comfortable for a North American here. Aside from the language thing, Buenos Aires isn’t very different from living in the US. I think that … Continued

Buenos Aires

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San Telmo, Buenos AiresOriginally uploaded by elizajanecurtis I’m living with Mike and Emmy and Zviah in Buenos Aires! It’s really fun. I love it. We arrived on Tuesday November 14th. We’re staying in San Telmo for the first few weeks, … Continued

Mexico City

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Trajinera in Xochimilco Originally uploaded by elizajanecurtis. is more amazing than I can begin to describe. It is super bright and full of colors and huge and busy and everyone we met there is so nice. Like New York, there … Continued

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