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I’ve been using this sporadically for a while, but just recently have gotten into checking in every day. I don’t know which is more fun, pinning things on all of my boards, or poring through all the awesome stuff everyone … Continued

early snow

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fall leaves & wet snow All this snow on the ground, and leaves still on the trees!

Sacred and Profane, Peaks Island

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Perfect fall day, we took the ferry out to Peaks to see the Sacred and Profane at Battery Steele. I’ve been a fan (and sometimes participating artist) since the beginning, but I’d missed the past four years, since we were … Continued

Common Ground Fair

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Can you believe I’d never ever been to the Common Ground Fair before? It’s pretty fantastic. We camped out overnight and then visited Liberty Tools the next day and took a leisurely drive home, down the coast. Great lunch at … Continued

Olas show

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had a beautiful night out with friends, seeing Olas play a last show(!?) at Space Gallery.


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photo by Pamela Vachon We got married! It was really fun. Sometimes (many, many times) it seemed like a crazy idea to get married at our house, in our back yard, in the middle of trying to renovate our house, … Continued

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