Buenos Aires Spanish Program

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Spanish ClassOriginally uploaded by elizajanecurtis Los dos semanas pasadas, asistí una escuela en Congreso para aprender Español. Me gusta mucho, y quiero sugerir a todos quien quieren aprender castellano en Buenos Aires. I am feeling really excited about how much … Continued


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despues de varios semanas locas, cuando yo trabajaba mucho en diseñas para remiras, yo tengo una semana de paz y tranquilidad y este semana cuezo galletitas! es mucho trabajo a traducir la receta a metrica mientras estoy cocinando. despues, traduzco … Continued

Spanish podcast

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Murga dancing, CarnavalOriginally uploaded by elizajanecurtis Here is a podcast to help learn Argentinian Spanish. Translated from the website, “The idea of the Podcast is to allow everyone who’s interested, to learn the vocabulary and most common expressions of Argentina. … Continued


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my favorite word of the day: POPCHOCLO! = popcorn.best misuse of english: a billiard parlor named “NEW MOUSTACHE”Somebody recently recommended the Coffee Break Spanish podcast and I love it! It’s like those learn-spanish-while-you-drive language cassettes, but it’s funner and it’s … Continued