farm life in gorham

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while we’re working away on our future house, we’re staying with my parents in gorham for a while… enjoying a spectacularly beautiful maine summer and doing fun country stuff like helping out in the garden and learning about bees… my … Continued

korean food!

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For years we’ve been talking about going out to Flores (a slightly-off-the-beaten-track barrio of Buenos Aires) and searching for Korean food. Apparently there’s been a Korean community in Flores for decades, but it isn’t a touristy destination like Chinatown; it’s … Continued

cooking class

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for my birthday present, Mike gave me a vietnamese cooking class! it was fun and delicious!! we made sweet potato fritters, spicy sweet dipping sauce, pho (that’s the delicious beef noodle soup), and coconut sticky rice. YUM. I will definitely … Continued

sauces of Buenos Aires

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Aderezos I thought i would be writing more in this blog about design and art and projects and creativity, but it turns out I am too obsessed with food. Hopefully I’ll make more entries about visual things in the near … Continued