spanish class at La UBA

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in the spring I took Level 5 Spanish at La Universidad de Buenos Aires, more commonly known as La UBA. Level 4 was nice because they had some classes at a branch office in Palermo, much closer to my neighborhood! … Continued

happy new year

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Last night we went to our friend Jonathan’s parents’ house for Rosh Hashanah dinner. It was really huge and tasty and fun. We’ve had lots of wonderful family dinners with them in the past two years, but this time was … Continued

"sos extranjera?"

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life has been totally totally nuts lately. the greatest point of craziness was saturday, when we were simultaneously moving into our awesome new apartment, WHILE cooking thanksgiving dinner for twenty people. we made a morning run together, carrying boxes from … Continued

el medio es el mensaje?

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hoy estaba pensando que todas cosas son por lo menos diez veces mas interesante en otra idioma. antes del año pasado, solamente tenia una idioma, y solamente podia pensar en una idioma. a veces pensé que mi vida faltaba algo, … Continued