Lake Titicaca, Bolivia

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Isla del Sol panorama. Seen from the Puerta del Sol, Yumani, towards the southern end of the island. Lake Titicaca, Bolivia Arrived in Copacabana, Bolivia, on the shore of Lake Titicaca on Monday, I think? We accidentally got ourselves booked … Continued

La Paz, Bolivia

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old building in La Paz Our biggest news of the moment is that we got sick. We both got some kind of parasite and got completely destroyed for about a week. We’d looked forward to spending a few days in … Continued

Tupiza, Bolivia

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Arrived in Tupiza, Bolivia (elevation 3,160 meters) on Jan. 9th, late at night, after a long, bumpy bus ride out of Villazon. The only road isn’t much of a road, it’s just a collection of tire tracks across dried mud … Continued

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